EL KHALIL FOR FOODSTUFF & WHOLESALING is a major reputable supplier of wide range of high qualified Egyptian products, with strong focus on exporting SEEDS, GRAINS, SPICES AND HERBS, FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES.

Our company is certified Food Safety ISO-22000:2018

We guarantee safety of Food and satisfy our customer needs and expectation.

Since 2004, With Many Years of Experience in Exporting All Kinds of Agricultural Crops Such as Seeds, Pulses, Grains, Beans, Herbs, And Spices, We Always Provide Top Quality for All Products and We Guarantee the Safety of Food and Satisfy Our Customers’ Needs and Expectations as Our Company Is Certified in Food Safety Management (ISO22000/2018).

We Succeeded in Establishing a Good Business Relationship with Many Partners Worldwide, We Export Our Products to Many Countries Such As Canada, USA, Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Japan, China, South Africa, Georgia, Romania, Turkey, Netherland, Bulgaria, Australia, Italy, Morocco, Tunis, Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, ….

We Have a Great Team of Professionals and New Production Machines Which Help Us to Reach the Highest Standards of Quality.

Our Products Are Prepared Under the Daily Supervision of International Inspection Company, to Ensure Compliance with The International Standards, Specifications and To Meet the Requirements of Our Clients.

 We Pay a Great Attention to All Details, We Believe That Reaching Customer Satisfaction Simply Means Success.